Types of Specialty Bathtubs

Often, people find that they want or need specialty bathtubs to fit their needs. Sometimes, a bathroom isn’t necessarily even being remodeled, but the tub needs to be changed. For instance, people with mobility problems may find that they feel much more sure footed when they have a walk in bathtub, which allows them to stay on their feet until they are in the tub, helping to prevent any types of injuries due to a fall when getting in or out of the bathtub. There are many different types of specialty bathtubs to suit all your needs.

Another reason that people would order a specialty tub is to suit a person with disabilities. In fact, there are special ADA tubs available that are built to work especially for a disabled person. These are specially designed to work with the needs of handicapped individuals in an effort to make bathing safer and easier.

There are also many different types of special order bathtubs that can be built to suit your special size needs, such as a custom bathtub for a mobile home, which may need to be built to specifically fit in a tight space, while offering all the luxuries of their full sized counterparts.

Many luxury tubs are becoming specialty items, such as clawfoot bathtubs, which can be made to suit your needs by a company called Sunrise Specialty Bathtubs. This company not only can make sure that the exterior of your tub is anything from black to copper, but they can also add the legs to your tub that you customize and have a wide variety of freestanding, claw footed and old world style bathtubs to choose from. These tubs are all made from cast iron, so you know that you will have your tub for years to come.

Whether you’re interested in very large and ornate soaking bathtubs or you prefer a more modern styling to your whirlpool bath tub, or an overflowing tub, you should know that you can get them. In fact, you can get some specialty tubs at Home Depot because they carry Kohler tubs and faucets, as well as other popular brands so this can make your bathtub purchase even easier than before.

Before you order your specialty bathtub and decide to have it installed, it is important to remember that lots of them can be very, very heavy, so it’s likely that you will have to make sure that your bathroom floor is strong enough to withstand the weight that will be constantly resting on it. It’s likely that your contractor knows exactly what will need to be done to ensure that your floor is a good solid base for your specialty tub, but if you’re not sure, go ahead and ask.

While you’re shopping for your bathtub, it’s a good time to consider what type of tub faucet you will need. Since specialty tubs often have specific faucet needs, it will save you lots of time and energy if you go with the faucets that were designed to go with your specific tub. Choosing the recommended faucets will ensure that installation will go smoothly, as well. Worried that you won’t find what you need from the manufacturer? Many manufacturers know that their customers have lots of different tastes and have several different faucet styles for you to choose from no matter what your tub looks like.

Whether you are looking for the old world charm of a claw foot bathtub, or would like something more exotic, such as a Japanese bathtub, it is likely that you can find it and have it shipped to your home.

Bathtubs often say something about the lives we live, so when we are in a position to choose our own, it can be a difficult choice. This isn’t something that you should rush through or just accept if you can help it. Even when shopping for specialty bathtubs, you will find that the price ranges can vary significantly, but that you can afford to buy a bath tub that suits your needs and lifestyle. If the tub you want is out of your price range, you can often save money by cutting back on some of the exceptional features or choosing a different material for your bathtub. You shouldn’t give up on getting what you really want and need in a tub, though, because a bathtub can regenerate and invigorate when used the way they were intended.