Soaking Bathtubs - Why Choose a Soaking Tub for Your Bathroom 

Does the idea of soaking in a tub in softly scented hot water appeal to you at the end of a long day almost more than anything? Are you the one who just wants to sink in up to your chin and submerge your whole body as you shut out the rest of the world? If the whirlpool and Jacuzzi bath tubs of the world don’t draw you, then you might want to consider soaking bathtubs.

Okay, so if you’re not familiar, you might be wondering the difference between a standard bathtub and a really great soaking tub. Well, number one, a truly wonderful soaking experience includes a nice deep basin for you to completely sink into. Some tubs, such as Japanese soaking bathtubs require lots and lots of water, so you might not use it as often as you would think, but you actually can stand up in it and the water usually reaches your neck. In traditional Japanese families, the water isn’t emptied after each person, and everyone who bathes in Japanese bathtubs takes a shower first.

Other wonderful types of soaking bathtubs include clawfoot bathtubs, which are known for their size. These tubs will allow you to stretch your legs and stay warm in the soothing water. Many soaking tubs are free standing bathtubs, which allows for them to be deeper and easier for you to submerge yourself. Some of us, however, want the soaking experience, but don’t need the massive size of garden tubs which are deep soaking bathtubs. Whether it’s because you don’t have a big enough water heater to fill your tub or you don’t have the room, you can still get small soaking bathtubs that are freestanding or corner bathtubs. Consider a slipper soaking tub, which is a smaller cousin of the claw footed tub, but will still give you an elegant bathing experience.

Many people’s bathroom designs require special types of bathtubs, such as alcove bathtubs. When choosing this type of tub, you can often get either whirlpool bathtubs or a soaking tub shower. If you’re a big fan of soaking in sweet smelling bubbles, then you should choose an extra deep style of alcove tub. You may need to enclose it with an apron and add a step, but your alcove tub can serve as an amazing soaker.

If you have to combine your tub with your shower, it might be a little frustrating to think that you might not be able to get the extra deep soaker tub that you really want, but you should know that this isn’t the case at all. Much in the way many bathtubs combine the shower feature with the bathtub, even a freestanding soaker tub that is extra deep can serve as a good basin for a shower. Keep in mind that however you step into your tub is how you would step into your shower and pay special attention to accessories that you might need such as special shower curtain rods, etc.

Before you rush right out and begin shopping for a truly fabulous soaker bathtub, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the type of tub you want and what will go with the design of your bathroom. Make sure you know how big the tub you’re interested in and whether or not you can fit it in your space.

Whether you’re choosing an Asian style soaker tub, or going for something such as a claw footed freestanding style bathtub, you should think about all your options. Don’t forget that you don’t have to have a freestanding tub to get a really great soak. Consider corner and alcove bathtubs if your space requires and don’t forget that there are some really nice extra deep drop in bathtubs that can be had at really great prices.

For great design ideas and an idea of the styles that are offered, you can go online to Kohler bathtubs, lowes or American Standard. Also, look into Ofuro tubs and Toto bathtubs to get a good idea of Asian soaking bathtubs and other contemporary and traditional Japanese inspired soaking bathtubs.

When you’re shopping for a really wonderful soaking tub, take the time to really explore and search out discount bathtubs. If you can, get in the bath tub and see how deep it is. Make sure that you get the right soaking tub to meet your needs. It will be very well worth all the searching in the end.