Small Bathtubs - Tubs for Small Bathrooms

The topic of small bathtubs has become quite popular because there are so many homes that have small bathrooms. Small bathtubs are one of the most efficient ways to maximize a small bathroom design. Installing a nice bathing area in a tight space is a common issue. Many of the traditional designer luxury bathtubs that every homeowner would like to have are very large in size. But there are actually several small tub sizes in various styles out there that can help bring a luxurious feel to even the tiniest bathroom space.

Small bathroom areas are very common in older homes. Years ago, home designers and builders did not consider the size of a bath room to be very important. This means that there is very limited space for remodeling and updating. Small bathtubs are a great choice to consider for a tiny bathroom remodel, especially if the location of the existing bath tub will be changed. For example, corner bathtubs can truly maximize floor space since they are placed diagonally in the corner of the room. Some short tubs and narrow tubs can even be added to an area where there is currently no tub. The ideas are endless when you consider the possibilities that are available by using one these little bath tubs.

There are many different small bathtubs for small bathrooms available. Some types are freestanding, such as the elegant small clawfoot bathtubs, while others are fitted against a wall. Small free standing bathtubs require a little more space than those placed against a wall, but you may find that there is one available that works perfectly for the design of your bath area.

Small bathtubs do not come without modern design features. The most popular models are small whirlpool bathtubs for a relaxing massage, and walk in bathtubs, for an easy entry and exit. Little bathtubs come in a variety of materials as well. While acrylic is probably the most common, heavier materials such as small cast iron bathtubs are also available.

Sizes of small bath tubs vary depending on many factors. One factor that affects the size of the tub is the style that is chosen for the bathroom. Bathtub styles can include modern looks such as walk in bathtubs as well as antique types such as clawfoot bathtubs.  Another factor that can determine the size is the shape of the tub. Bathtub shapes can include round, oval, rectangle, square, and even triangle shape tubs. They can be short, deep, or narrow. Custom made tubs are also available from many manufacturers where the bath area dimensions can be measured and a special tub is constructed to fit in that particular space.

What is the smallest bathtub size available? If you are really crunched for space but absolutely want a bathtub in your home, consider Japanese bathtubs. The particular style called an ofuro is a short deep bathtub that is top of the line in luxury soaking tubs. Many of these tubs even offer small showers.

Where can you purchase small bathtubs? Many of the manufacturers are the same companies that make standard size tubs. Kohler Bathtubs and American Standard both offer small bathtub designs. You can find these brands of small tubs for sale at your local home improvement stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot. There are various sizes and styles available from online retailers as well.

When it comes to cost, small bathtub prices are not much different that normal size bathtubs, and surprisingly, they may even be a little more expensive. This is because there are fewer models made and more time goes into making each one because more detailed work is needed. Small bathtubs, like standard ones, can be manufactured from different materials such as acrylic or fiberglass, copper, cast iron, and porcelain. The material chosen will influence the price as well. When estimating the cost of your new small bathtub, don't forget to include installation fees.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling a small bathroom in your current home, a small bathtub may be just the solution you are looking for to maximize your space. Small bath tubs are one of the most brilliant small bathroom ideas out there for helping you to make the most of your bathroom space.